Ultimate Guide to Commercial Roof Maintenance for Landlords

commercial roof maintenance

The U.S. roofing industry remained resilient despite the Corona pandemic that set in March, 2020. This outcome can be attributed to the roof’s critical role in keeping the property safe from the different weather elements. If you have a business premise, you need to pay attention to the process of repair, replacement, and installation of your commercial roof. 

One of the essential processes when taking care of your building relates to commercial roof maintenance. If you want your roof to last beyond a few years, it’s essential to focus on preventive care.  

Most business and property owners tend to be in the dark when it comes to the entire process of roof maintenance. Are you a property owner and wonder how to extend the life of your commercial building? This article sheds some light. 

What Is Commercial Roof Maintenance?

Commercial roof maintenance refers to the occasional tune-ups on your building’s roof. This roof maintenance process involves repairs, replacement, and installation of parts of your commercial building, which might have suffered damages.  

The main reason you need to meet your commercial maintenance schedules is to avoid high future repair costs. You can always consider our trusted roofing professionals’ services to help you with the process of commercial roofing maintenance. 

Here is the commercial roof maintenance checklist every property owner should consider. 

Conduct Basic Care

The problem with most commercial roof owners is that they ignore even the most basic roof maintenance practices. Cleaning your commercial roof is among the easiest yet most fundamental steps towards roof maintenance. Cleaning ensures the removal of debris and keeps the roof in condition longer. 

Most times, when the roof has debris and other material, there’s the risk of water stagnation and rotting.

If you are wondering how to ensure your property’s best roofing condition, it starts with cleaning up the entire roof. Considering that a commercial roof is relatively huge size-wise, you could always consider calling professional cleaners to undertake the procedure. 

Never Ignore Leaks

Sometimes, due to wear and tear, your commercial roof begins to experience leaks. What you might not know is that such leaks may point to a more significant issue. Before anything else, you should focus all your attention on such leaks. 

The leaks could be a result of several problems. To get a solution to the issue, you should first find out the cause of the leaks.

The causative problems may range from a clogged-up gutter to the accumulation of rainwater on the roof.  Calling in an industrial roofer can be an excellent place to start in such cases. 

The commercial roof repairer will check the entire roof for other similar leaks. The good thing is that once you call in such experts early enough, they can assess the roof and offer timely solutions. This will help you avoid expensive repairs. 

Consider Recurrent Service for the Drainage System

Most commercial roofs don’t survive beyond the halfway mark of their lifecycle due to inadequate servicing. The drainage system, in particular, requires constant and thorough servicing to ensure it operates at optimal. 

If you are keen on a long lifespan for your commercial roof, then servicing the drainage at least twice every year can be a good step. As such, you need to consider regular services for the drainage from reliable roofers. 

The Cost of Commercial Roof Maintenance

When thinking about commercial roof maintenance, the cost is always at the center of the conversation. Depending on the commercial roofing company you settle for, the price may vary. However, it would be best to consider some other equally important factors, which determine the cost. 


The most important factor when considering the cost of commercial maintenance is the size of the roof. Depending on the square footage making up the roof, you might need to pay more. 

This means that the cost increases with the increase in your commercial building’s size per square foot. Besides, most roofers also charge for transport to your premises. This means that it’s better to work with a roofing contractor within your local setting to reduce the number of miles covered.  

Roof Condition 

The roof condition is the other prime factor that will often affect the cost of maintenance. Common roofing conditions, including cracks, can cause the cost of roofing to skyrocket. 

It’s advisable to consider commercial roof preventative maintenance to avoid costly repairs. 

Roof Layout

The other factor that might affect the cost of commercial roofing maintenance is the property’s roof design. If your plan is complex, you might need to slow down the process of maintenance, which will lead to more additional costs. 

Access To the Roof 

Some commercial roofs are not easy to access. If yours is among such roofs, you might need to pay more for the maintenance. The design of the roof mainly determines how easy it is to access. 

The contractor might need additional labor, material, and equipment to carry out the necessary roof repairs. Therefore, the outcome is that the easier the access, the lower the spending on labor, equipment, and material.

Ask for Commercial Roof Maintenance Service Today   

If you own a commercial building, it’s essential to consider regular roof maintenance to prevent damage caused by the various weather elements. For you to avoid high costs of repairs, you need to consider early commercial roof maintenance tips. 

Unless you have a reliable commercial roof maintenance company by your side, you might end up with a rundown roof. This is why you need to consider our services to help you solve any underlying roof maintenance procedures.

Contact us today, and let’s deal with your commercial roofing challenges.

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