Do You Need Commercial Roof Repair? Ask Yourself These 10 Questions

commercial roof repair

With winter upon us, there is a lot that can go wrong with your commercial roof. It is time to check up on your roof to make sure that it will withstand the harsh weather conditions that will get thrown it’s way. 

Heavy winds, rain, snow, and ice are all likely to cause a lot of damage to your roof and will cause the need for roof repair. Address these problems now and you can avoid the need for commercial roof replacement later on down the road. 

But what are the warning signs that you have a problem with your roof?

To help you to keep your roof in good order, here are ten questions you should be asking yourself to see whether you need commercial roof repair.  

1.How Old Is Your Roof?

If your roof has been there for many years, there is a strong chance that it has had to weather many storms. This means that it will deteriorate over a period of time. 

If you have an older roof you should get it inspected regularly by a commercial roofing specialist. That way, you can get ahead of any problems that may lead to needing an entire roof replacement. 

2. Are There Bubbles on the Roof?

Bubbles or even blisters on your roof are not a good sign. They indicate that there has been improper roof application. Bubbles are often caused by moisture getting trapped under roof materials where water has evaporated and left blisters or bubbles. 

If you have bubbles on your roof, they could quite easily let water seep through your roof. This could cause serious damage to the interior of your building. 

3. Are There Failed Flashings?

Flashings are a significant component of your roof. They are used to seal the areas that join your roof to the structure of the building. They can also be used where two parts of a roof meet when the angle doesn’t allow for overlapping. 

If you have incorrectly attached flashing or flashing that is deteriorating, then this may represent something of a problem for your roof and you should get this checked out. 

4. Does the Roof Sag?

Since your roof is designed to bear its own weight, it should not be uneven. If you notice that there are parts of your roof that are bowing or sagging then you should call in a commercial roofing specialist and they will be able to advise you on what steps to take next. 

Several factors could cause a roof to sag. These include a build-up of moisture or additional weight being added to your roof due to new roofing materials being installed on top of old ones. 

5. Are Your Energy Bills Rising?

Your roof doesn’t just keep the elements out of your building, a good roof should also keep the warmth inside. 

If you notice that your heating bills are starting to rise it could be a sign that your roof is not insulated effectively. It is therefore a good idea to have your roof checked out for places where heat may be escaping. 

6. Are There Signs of Moisture Inside?

One way to tell whether you have issues with your commercial roof is to see whether there are any signs of water getting through into the interior of the building. 

You may notice water stains on the ceiling or signs of water dripping onto the walls. 

If you have moisture coming through your roof then you may also notice that there is a damp smell that comes from your roof. 

If you notice any of these signs, you should have your roof examined by a professional. 

7. Do You Have Clogged Drains?

If you have clogged drains this could lead to water collecting in your gutters and on your roof. In turn, this could cause damage to your roof. 

You must keep your drains, gutters, and downpipes clear of debris or you could end up needing roof repairs. 

8. Are There Gaps In Seaming?

Many roofs need seams to connect the waterproof materials that lay over the roof. At times, water may seep through the seaming and end up soaking into your roof. 

You must have your roof assessed to ensure there are no gaps that could allow water through. 

If you are not sure whether there are gaps in your seaming, a professional roofing contractor will be able to assess your roof. 

9. Are There Cracks In Your Roof Surface?

You should inspect your roof for signs that there are cracks. Cracks can lead to trapped moisture which in turn could lead to leaks. 

If you ignore a crack for too long, this could lead to more serious problems that could cost you a considerable amount more to fix. Call a professional commercial roofer to have your cracks mended before they grow into a larger problem. 

10. Is There Mold or Foul Odors?

If you notice mold or any foul odors inside your commercial building, then you should look at your roof as being a potential cause. 

Mold and foul odors are often caused by water compromising your roof. These problems shouldn’t be ignored so get a professional roofing contractor to assess the scope of the damage and get it repaired immediately. 

Do You Need Commercial Roof Repair?

If you have answered yes to any of these problems, then you need commercial roof repair.

Roof problems are not something that you should leave to chance and you should get in touch with a commercial roof repair company as soon as possible. 

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