Roof Maintenance Guide: How to Properly Take Care of Your Roof

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Roofing contractors incur close to $7.2 billion in lost economic activity every year. Despite these losses, the roofing industry remains among the most vibrant sectors in the building business. The steady growth in the industry is in part due to the high number of homeowners either seeking to install or to repair their roofs. 

When the time finally comes to repair your roof, the resources required might overwhelm you. However, with age and constant exposure to weather elements, your roof will eventually be rundown. Most homeowners don’t realize that consistent roof maintenance can help improve their roof’s lifespan. 

While you’ll still incur roof-related costs as your roof ages, it’s essential to look for ways to postpone these costs. How can you ensure that your roof serves you for longer before incurring that dreaded cost of replacement? In this article, we offer critical roof care tips. 

Trim Overhanging Branches 

One of the easiest ways to keep your roof in shape for longer involves trimming all the tree branches near the roof. Most American homeowners ignore this critical factor, which can be detrimental. Overhanging branches cause a backlash of leaves on the roof, which in turn collect and retain moisture. 

Apart from these leaves rotting, they can also become too heavy for the roof to handle. Either of the two scenarios can be detrimental to your roof. It may help to trim such braches as soon as possible each time they overgrow. 

Trimming the tree branches on a period basic may seem like a minor undertaking. However, this critical step can help push your roof’s lifespan by a few more years.

General Inspection and Repair 

Part of your roof maintenance schedule should involve general inspection from trusted roof contractors. You’ll be shocked at the number of issues that might emerge when professional inspectors assess your home. The best part about home inspection is that you can arrest any situation before it gets out of hand. 

Most professional roof inspectors conduct an in-depth check of the roof before providing a report. With such an in-depth assessment, it’s easy to know whether the roof has any underlying issues. Our team of experts can assess every part of your roof to ensure that every underlying matter is resolvable.

Clean the Gutters    

Clogged gutters can be a real problem in the long-run. When your roof gutters develop clogs, they will likely lead to ruined paint and wet basements. At the worst, clogged drains can cause unimaginable damages to your property and your home’s foundation. 

Such damages may cost you millions of money as part of the repair costs. However, you can avoid incurring such huge losses by considering frequent repairs of all the gutters. Most times, these repairs only involve proper cleaning of the gutters to remove any underlying debris. 

Paying attention to the gutters can help you save millions of money in the long-term. The good thing about cleaning the gutters is that you can do it yourself with a little bit of care. However, in bigger houses or in-cases where the roof is too high, you might consider calling in our team of technicians to help you with the process and avoid going the DIY route.

Check Your Shingles Regularly

Are you considering taking a more proactive approach when it comes to roof maintenance?  It may help a great deal for you to ensure that you undertake a DIY evaluation of your roof from time to time. Buying a pair of binoculars could be your first step. 

Once you have a vantage view of the roof, then you start to keep a routine assessment. Keep a keen record of any missing or curling shingles. Other outcomes such as cracked and peeling shingles could be indicators of underlying issues with your roof. 

You should then call in our experienced team in case you notice any of these abnormalities. The idea is to address any emergent issues as soon as possible to avoid any further damage to the roof. Issues such as missing granules and peeling flashing may require immediate attention from a seasoned roofer.    

Pay Attention to Your Attic and Ceilings 

A rundown roof can have a significant impact on your attic and ceilings. The ceiling is an integral part of your home’s interior décor but also plays a vital role in keeping your roof in place. Part of taking care of your roof must involve paying attention to the attic and the ceiling. 

It would be best if you purposed to consider urgent repairs to the roof in case the attic has any underlying issues. Part of the process of roof maintenance should involve recurrent review and repair of any pending problems with the attic and the ceiling.  

Maintain the Chimney 

You can’t separate the roof and the chimney. These two parts of your home are complementing, which means a problem with one can affect the other. The existence of cracked or missing mortar could be an indication of other underlying issues with the roof. 

You might need to consider recurrent maintenance and repair procedures to help keep your chimney in tip-top of condition. The good news about roof maintenance is that there are unique areas such as the chimney, which if well-maintained could last for years without any issues. 

Replace Sealant for Roof Maintenance 

It would help a great deal to replace the roof sealant as often as possible. One of the easiest ways to check whether sealants are still valid is to assess for cracks or wear and tear. If you notice either of that, it could be time to call in our team of experts.

Routine Roof Maintenance Saves You Money

The roof is among the costliest parts of the home when it comes to repairs and maintenance. Even so, you can’t ignore the need to repair your roof when the time finally comes. With age, roofs wither and end up being run, which might require immediate intervention. 

Such costs are inevitable in the long-term. However, in the short-term, you can exercise greater caution to ensure that your roof survives for longer. Adopting these roof maintenance tips can go a long way during that journey. 

In case of any issues with your roof, you can always get in touch with our team of roofing pros. Contact us today for all your roofing maintenance and solutions.

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