Maintaining aging institutional, religious and commercial facilities is essential for providing a safe, effective work or learning environment.

One of the most important steps in achieving this goal, yet the most overlooked in many organizations, is roof maintenance and repairs.

Why do so many organizations overlook the roof system, which is by far the most problematic building component? From the maintenance and engineering manager’s point of view, no building component fits in the “out of sight, out of mind” category better than roofs, so when organizations cut maintenance or capital budgets, roofing systems often are first to get cut.

Leading causes of premature roof system failure include poor roof design and installation, neglect of proper maintenance and lack of appropriate repairs. Properly maintaining a roof can extend the service life, thus deferring costly roof replacement. This can allow time for financial planning for future replacement. It also helps ensure that there are no roof-related interruptions to the building occupants, which is more important than ever given pressure on organizations to survive in these tough financial times.

At Innovative Roofing we approach each and every roof with the mindset of increasing sustainability and in turn longevity. A maintenance program that is tailored to your building’s needs and a realistic budget, is paramount in ensuring that you get the most life out of your roof system.

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