What Are Commercial Roof Coatings and When to Use Them

Since you’re reading this article, it means only one thing. You’ve heard a little about commercial roof coatings but now you have some questions.

For instance, just what are commercial roof coatings anyway? Are they a feasible, effective solution or are they a scam?

What benefits do they promise and are they legitimate? When is the best time to get a commercial roof coating and how long does it last?

If you’ve been wondering about such things, then we have good news for you. Today, we’re going to answer all of these questions and then some.

The following guide explains everything you could possibly want to know about commercial roof coatings. Read on and see for yourself.

What Are Commercial Roof Coatings?

Commercial roof coatings are primarily a way to extend the life of your commercial roof. These coatings can be applied to most flat or low-slope roofs.

They are purposed as a “reapplication” of the protection and benefits your roof already provides. For instance, they reinforce your existing roof with renewed resilience against UV rays and adverse weather.

Although, certain types of damage or other conditions may require a full roof replacement. Commercial roof coatings are ineffective and pointless in such situations.

Types of Commercial Roof Coatings

Commercial roof coatings come in 4 basic types: asphalt, acrylic, silicone, and polyurethane. Here is an overview of each.


Asphalt coatings are tar-based, affordable, and hardy. They can be aluminized to add more reflective, UV-resistant properties.


Acrylic coatings are water-based and are inherently reflective/UV-resistant. They are versatile enough to be applied to almost any type of roof. That includes built-up roofs, modified bitumen, concrete, spray polyurethane foam, PVC, TPO, EPDM, and metal roofs. 


Silicone is another reflective and highly UV-resistant roof coating. But it holds up better than acrylic coatings in very rainy environments.


Polyurethane coatings are the most resilient against abrasion. Thus, they’re the best choice for roofs that endure a lot of contact with solid objects like hail and heavy equipment.

The aliphatic variety of polyurethane coatings are decently UV-resistant. Conversely, aromatic polyurethane coatings are less effective against UV rays.

How Long Do Commercial Roof Coatings Last? 

Commercial roof coatings are not meant as a permanent solution. Typically, you’ll need to recoat your roof about every 5-10 years. Of course, this is assuming that the roof beneath the coating is still in decent condition.

Furthermore, as with any kind of roofing, you should get the coating inspected every year. The inspection will reveal whether the roof/coating is still in tact or if recoating/roof replacement is necessary.

What Are the Benefits of Commercial Roof Coatings?

Now, let’s take a look at why you’d want your roof coated. Here are some specific benefits of commercial roof coatings.

1. Extend Your Roof’s Lifespan

The main benefit is that the coating surrounds your roof with an extra layer of protection. It seals your roof so that weather and other elements that cause wear and tear can’t reach it.

As a result, it basically halts the aging of your roof. This extends your roof’s lifespan by several years.

2. Improve Your Roof’s Effectiveness

As mentioned, a coated roof has an extra layer of protection. This means that the roof is more effective at all the functions it normally performs. That includes better protection against weather and UV rays.

3. Better Insulation

Your roof is also more insulated when coated. This is especially true of reflective roof coatings that repel heat from the sun. Your building will stay much cooler this way.

4. Prevent Roof Damage

It’s impossible for moisture to get to your roof when it’s sealed by a freshly applied roof coating. Thus, you shouldn’t experience leaks or any type of moisture damage for many years after the application.

In fact, the only way that moisture might get through is if the roof coating becomes scratched or damaged by some solid object. However, the coating should be highly resistant to this type of wear, too. Heavy storms that throw hail, branches, and other objects against your roof will have little effect on a freshly applied roof coating.

5. Save a Lot of Money

All the benefits we’ve mentioned so far end up saving you a lot of money. For instance, it costs much less to coat your roof than to replace it. And when you keep your roof coated, you don’t have to replace it as often.

You also won’t have to pay for repairs as frequently. And you’ll save money on air conditioning because the coating adds more insulation to your roof.

6. It Helps the Environment

A lot of your roofing materials may not be recyclable or sustainably manufactured. Thus, it’s better for the environment if you don’t replace them as often.

7. Preserve Your Roof’s Appearance

Flat, commercial roofs are often visible from high windows. Sometimes, they’re used as outdoor floors.

In these instances, you want to keep your roof looking nice. Fortunately, roof coatings help to preserve your roof’s appearance.

8. Your Roof Is Eligible For Coating

There is a type of roof coating for every type of roof. As long as your roof is flat or low-sloped, it’s eligible for coating.

9. It’s a Fast, Easy Solution

It takes very little time to apply roof coating. And it’s not very imposing or labor-intensive, either.

Therefore, you shouldn’t need to shut down your business while this is going on. This is definitely not true of roof replacement.

When To Get Commercial Roof Coatings

Is it time to get your roof coated? Here are the optimum times/situations in which to do so.

1. Your Warranty Is Up

Your roof won’t likely last much longer than the warranty period (unless you coat it, that is). Coating it at this point will keep it protected and postpone the need to replace it.

2. You Just Had Repairs Done

Have you recently had your roof inspected and fully repaired? Coat it now. This will seal up the roof to protect the patched-up areas and prevent further damage.

3. Your Current Roof Coating Is Old

If your previous coating is 5 or more years old, it may need reapplication. Get it inspected and reapply if necessary.

4. Right Now

If you’ve never coated your roof, why miss out on these benefits any longer? Get your roof inspected, take care of any repairs, and then get it coated.

Renew Your Roof Now

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