7 Signs You Need a Commercial Roof Replacement

commercial roof replacement

A flat commercial roof can last up to 40 years with proper maintenance. However, other factors, like weather, the quality of installation, and materials used can affect how soon you will need a commercial roof replacement. 

Do you want to learn more about a commercial roof replacement service and how to find a great commercial roof replacement company? Keep reading this article for 7 signs that you need a new roof for your commercial building. 

1. Water Damage 

One of the easiest signs to spot that you need a commercial roof repair or replacement is if you have water damage. Water damage is very common for commercial roofs that are flat. Because water can pool more easily, it can damage your material and leak into your building.

Often water damage will show up as interior water stains on your ceiling, walls, or other parts of your building. If you notice any water spots, peeling paint, or bubbles in your drywall, it is likely that you have a hidden leak. 

While water damage isn’t always a constant leak or dripping water, it can include this! Water damage can be very costly for a commercial roof, so contact your commercial roof replacement company as soon as you notice the signs of water damage. 

2. Insufficient Insulation

Another reason why you may need to get a new roof for your commercial building is if you have insufficient insulation. One way that you can identify this problem is if your energy bills are higher than they should be. 

Without good insulation, more airflow can come in from outside. This means that hot air is let into your building during the summer and cool air is let in during the winter. Because your building is not insulated properly, it is much harder and more expensive to regulate the temperature. 

Insufficient insulation is a common problem in older roofs, so replacing your roof may be necessary in the near future. By replacing your roof and insulation, you can reduce your monthly energy bills!

3. Visible Damage

If there is any visible damage to the membrane of your commercial roof, it is time to get a replacement. While smaller cracks and other damage can be repaired with patches, it is best to replace your roof for larger issues. 

This is because visible damage to your roof can lead to other problems in the future! For example, if you do not fix a crack on your roof, it may lead to water damage, rot, and more. Replacing your roof before it gets too damaged can save you a lot of money. 

Another common type of visible damage to your commercial roof is bubbles or blisters. These are pockets of air and moisture that get below the membrane of your roof and are trapped. 

These bubbles can result in larger leaks in the future, so it is important that you do not ignore this sign!

4. Standing Water or Ponding

Standing water on a commercial roof is also known as ponding. This happens often after you experience a lot of rain that doesn’t evaporate or if you have issues with the drain on your roof. These ponds on your roof can lead to water damage and may even make your roof start to sag. 

Ponding can cause serious damage. If it is left unchecked, it will lower the life expectancy of your roof and can even cause dangerous structural damage. 

To prevent water damage, mold growth, and other degradation of your commercial roof, it is important to replace it if you notice standing water accumulating on your roof. 

5. Loose Materials

Over time, the materials of your commercial roof may begin to loosen. This happens for many reasons, including harsh weather, age, and more. When your materials loosen, it can lead to further damage to your roof. 

For example, if the membrane of your roof isn’t sealed properly or the seal has broken, it may allow water to get between the roof deck and the membrane of your roof and cause water damage. 

It can also lead to high energy bills and can make your roof wear out more quickly. If you notice that a big section of your commercial roofing material has loosened and is not sealed properly, it is time to get your roof replaced by a professional commercial roofing company. 

6. Worn-Out Materials

Finally, one of the easiest ways to tell if you need a commercial roof replacement is if you have worn-out materials. As was mentioned before, your commercial roof can last for 40 years if you take good care of it. However, there is not much you can do when your roof ages and begins to wear down. 

Worn-out roofing membrane may look cracked, discolored, and may also begin to thin out. If your roof is over 20 years old and you see this sign, you may need to get a replacement. 

7. A Contractor Recommends Replacement

If you are unsure if your roof needs a replacement, you can always contact a roofing contractor. Typically roofing companies will offer free consultations and quotes. This means you can ask for an inspection of your commercial roof to see if it needs replacement!

Simply reach out to a local roofing company and see if they offer free inspections. 

Find a Company For Commercial Roof Replacement Near Me

Each of these signs may mean that you need to get a commercial roof replacement. However, when you are finding a company to work with, you want to make sure you find a professional and reliable organization!

Innovative Roofing can help! We are a commercial roof replacement contractor, we can repair your commercial roof, and we even have a commercial roof coating that can help insulate your building and save you money.

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