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Roofing Company Coconut Creak FLAre you on the hunt for a professional roofing company Coconut Creek FL? Property owners turn to the expert at Innovative Roofing for all their roofing needs, including repairs, maintenance, inspections and re-roofing projects. One of our specialties is flat roofs, which are especially common on commercial structures throughout Florida. Flat roofing systems require routine maintenance due to a few different factors. Firstly, flat roofs are often found on commercial buildings, and it's not uncommon to see HVAC systems, generators and other roof-top equipment mounted on the roof. This results in lots of foot traffic from maintenance personnel and the added traffic can cause roof damage. Even just an accidentally dropped tool can cause a serious problem. Flat roofs are also more prone to drainage problems, for obvious reasons. So it's essential to ensure that the roof is not suffering from ponding water, which can exploit defects, thereby resulting in leaks. Leaks are also more apparent on a flat roof. While a small leak may not be noticed on a sloped roof, water typically remains on a flat roof for a longer period of time, making leaks more likely to form. Flat roofs can also see lots of debris accumulation due to the absence of a slope (and an inability to see atop the roof from the ground.) These factors can make a flat roof more prone to problems so it's important to set up a routine maintenance schedule for your flat roof to avoid serious problems that can lead to extensive property damage and disruption to your business.

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At Innovative Roofing, we stand behind every project with confidence, offering a guarantee on our workmanship and materials. We are also fully bonded, licensed and insured to provide you with complete peace of mind. If you require assistance maintaining your flat roof, contact the region's top roofing company. Coconut Creek, FL property owners trust the professionals of Innovative Roofing.

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