Key Differences Between Residential and Commerical Roofs

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If you are a landlord, it’s tempting to see all of your properties as being the same. After all, a building is a building. Why should a business building be any different from a house?

It would be easy to manage your properties this way in the short term. In the long term, though, this won’t work for long. There are many differences between commercial and residential structures.

A critical difference between the two is in their roofs.  

The differences are far-reaching, from the construction techniques, the style they use, and their different needs. If you have to oversee properties, knowing all of these differences is imperative to do your job well.

If all this sounds mind-boggling, don’t worry! We’re here to help you navigate the differences between residential and commercial roofs and better manage your properties. 

What Are Commercial Roofs?

The first step in understanding the differences between these roofs is understanding what exactly they are. This can be a little difficult to define exactly, but there are general traits that commercial roofs tend to share.

Among those traits, one of the most common is a flat shape. Alternatively, they may simply have a low slope, not a completely flat one. Furthermore, commercial roofs tend to be much larger than residential ones. 

Contrary to roofs in a commercial form, a typical residential roof tends to have a sharper, steeper slope. It’s also much smaller than a typical business building’s roof. 

Common Materials

Costs of materials and the amount required to build either kind of roof varies. This variation is due to the roof’s size, its purpose, and the amount of maintenance it needs.

That said, some materials are common to building both commercial and residential roofs. 

These include such fundamentals as asphalt, slate, tile, or ceramic shingles. They also use metal roofing, wood shakes, solar shingles, and other materials. 

The most noticeable difference between the two styles in their use of materials is the volume needed.

A residential roof would not need as much of these materials as a commercial building would. 

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Due to their size, construction, and function, commercial roofs often require more dedicated maintenance than their residential counterparts.

For instance, the simplest form of commercial roof care is cleaning the roof. This is a fundamental yet neglected part of caring for a roof.

Cleaning a roof ensures that any debris or pileups get removed from the structure. This helps to prevent rotting or water stagnation from occurring.

Another major problem that can occur on a business roof is unattended leaks. Leaks can often develop into severe issues; they can also point to existing problems.

If you should experience a leak, it’s best to discover its cause. However, often leaks are the result of standing rainwater on the roof or from clogged gutters. 

If this becomes a problem, there are roofing services that will clean the water from your roof. They can also deal with whatever issues your gutter is facing. 

Neglecting proper maintenance of your roof can lead torepairs that could have exorbitant costs. To prevent that from happening, pay attention to the state of your roof. 

Commercial Roof Repairs and Replacement

A commercial roof needs replacement once every 30 years. Other factors could also lead to roof replacement. However, even if your roof is not ready for replacement, it could be in a state when it needs repairs.

The most obvious sign that your roof may need to be repaired or replaced is if it has sustained significant damage. 

When discussing roof replacements, two types of damage can make this a necessity. 

Aesthetic Damage

Your roof is a prominent part of your commercial structure. People in neighboring buildings will see it daily. People on the street may enjoy looking up and seeing its pretty design.

If your roof has glaring aesthetic damage, such as moss growing on the materials, it could be time to look for a replacement. You want your roof to look good, not unkempt. 

Structural Damage

If you have severe structural damage, such as sagging, denting, or rust on shingles and plates, your roof will most likely need replacing. At this point, repairs will not be able to do enough for it. 

Roof Repairs

Of course, not all damage calls for a roof replacement. There are times in which some simple repairs will do the job. If you’re wondering whether it may be time for repairs or not, there are a few things to look out for. 

First among these are bubbles in the roof’s shape. Moisture seeping into roofing materials causes bubbles to form.

Second, look for increases in your energy bill. This means that air is either getting in or out, and your roof may be to blame. 

Third, look for cracks in the roof’s surface or gaps in the waterproof seaming. 

Residential Roofing Maintenance

Residential roofs have different concerns than commercial roofs. As such, there are different things to monitor.

For instance, be on the lookout for overhanging branches. If a storm were to knock overhanging branches onto your roof, this could cause significant damage. To avoid this, trim any overhanging branches you see.

As with commercial roofs, it is critical to clean your gutters. It’s also beneficial to keep an eye on your shingles. If you notice shingles either missing or curling, it could be time to call in repairs. 

Furthermore, if you notice that your residential roof has the problems named above in the commercial roof repairs section, it’s best to call a roofing repair service to inspect the roof. 

These issues can lead to significant damages in residential buildings as well as commercial ones. 

For Further Learning

While this article has many good tips, it’s not an exhaustive list.

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