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Commercial Roofing in Boca Raton FL

Reliable Commercial Roofing in Boca Raton FL

Innovative Roofing caters to residential and commercial properties. We have the skills and experience in designing and installing new roofs, repairing existing roofs, as well as providing emergency repair services. We are the go-to company for all your roofing needs. If you are looking for commercial roofing in Boca Raton FL, then we are the most reliable roofers who can offer you the best quality roofing at affordable prices.

Types of Commercial Roofing in Boca Raton FL

Here are some of the types of commercial roofing that we can install in your property.

TPO Roofs

Thermoplastic olefin or TPO roofs are also known as single ply or PVC roofs. When it comes to commercial roofing in Boca Raton FL, this type of roof is one of the most popular ones. It is ideal for Florida weather because they do not heat up as some other standard roofing materials. TPO roofs can keep your property cooler, even the areas directly below the roof.

TPO roof is also called cool roofs because of its cooling effect. It comes in colors that can reflect sunlight and results to cooler surface temperature of the roofs even in the middle of a summer’s day. As a result, the roof doesn’t dissipate much heat below, and you get cooler interior spaces.

Aside from keeping your rooms cooler, TPO roof helps decrease your utility bills as you use less energy to keep your commercial spaces cool during the day. There’s no need to put your air conditioner on high when you have a TPO roof on top of your commercial property.

EPDM Roofs

Ethylene propylene diene monomer or EPDM roofs are commonly known as rubber roofs. EPDM roofs have been used for commercial roofing in Boca Raton FL for almost five decades now. A single ply sheet is rubberized and attached to the roof with the use of industrial grade adhesive. It is ideal for tropical or subtropical weather conditions because the roof insulates the ceiling even after being exposed to the sun the whole day. EPDM roofs come in all sizes that make it ideal for any scale of commercial roofing in Boca Raton FL. The rubber sheets can be cut into custom shapes and conform to the building’s structure.

Built-Up (Hot Tar) Roofs

Built-up roof or hot tar roof is one of the popular choices for commercial roofing in Boca Raton FL. It is the most cost effective option available on the market today that makes it a top pick among commercial property owners. The tar has waterproofing properties and the additional layer of gravel provides more protection.

Innovative Roofing has been providing high quality commercial roofing in Boca Raton FL. Its craftsmanship has been unmatched the industry. That’s why it is the number one roof installer in the area.

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