6 Questions to Ask Roofing Professionals Before Signing Any Contracts

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When it comes to fixing your roof, full transparency is key.

This transparency is crucial when navigating issues such as finances, compensation, and quality of service.

Without it, you might end up with a half-baked roofing job. But at worst, you might end up getting conned out of your money.

So how do you go about choosing the right roofing company? How can you ensure that the job you’re paying for doesn’t cause more problems?

If you want these answers, keep reading. We will let you know seven questions to ask roofing professionals before signing any contracts. Getting through this guide could lead you away from bad faith roofing practices.

1. Do You Have Any Warranties?

Hiring a great professional roofing service ensures that your roof stays sturdy and strong. But even then, accidents happen.

When they do, you want to be covered. There are many financial questions to ask roofers, but asking about a warranty is one of the more important ones.

In the case of a failure in workmanship and/or material, a warranty prevents you from paying for more roof services. It’s also a great indication that the company is reputable and ethical, as they won’t do a shabby roofing job just for quick cash.

So, if you’re wondering what to ask roofing professionals in case something bad happens, ask about their warranties. You will only want to commit to companies that provide confident and positive answers.

2. What Insurance Do You Offer?

Like warranties, insurance is important while a roofing job is being done. General Liability insurance will have coverages for property damage and Worker’s Compensation insurance ensures that any employee of the Contractor is covered for bodily harm during time of service to your home. And again, if your potential roofer seems hesitant or murky about the subject, steer clear.

Not only should you look for a roofer’s confirmation that they have insurance, but you should also look up your state’s roofing insurance guidelines too. Make sure that the amount they cover matches state guidelines. If they do, then you can commit to their service with relative confidence.

3. Who Will Be On-Site?

It’s commonplace for roofing services to have supervisors on-site. These supervisors are typically called project managers and are onsite to ensure that the roofing job follows all laws and guidelines.

That’s because a good roofing job requires two parts: 1) a technician and 2) a specialist in the local guidelines. While a technician might know a good amount of what a specialist knows and vice versa, they’re still not an expert.

If the roofing company in question doesn’t want to send someone else out, consider the next option. Companies operating through single-person jobs definitely don’t prioritize your roof’s integrity or don’t have the means to do so. But while all companies start somewhere, it is important for clients to hire services that include everything they need.

4. What About a Layover Instead?

The easiest way to weed out money grubbiness is by asking for a layover/recovery. This isn’t because you actually want a layover. In fact, you’re asking this to see if they will actually provide this shoddy option.

A layover is when the roofer nails new shingles over the previous ones. They “lay” layers of shingles “over” each other. This is a far cry from a real roof replacement, which indicates more serious issues than a simple layover would.

Instead, a layover is more of a Band-Aid solution that will only cause you to ignore the problem instead of solving it. If your prospective roofing company agrees to a layover instead, stay away. They do not actually care about your roof’s health and are just using it for business.

5. How Will You Protect My Property? 

Even if your roofing company provides insurance, it is unideal to come back to a finished roofing job overwhelmed by roofing debris in your yard and ruined furniture.

Any good roofer will implement thorough protective measures to prevent this exact scenario. Perhaps they will manually move furniture from below the roof line, cover your pool, protect your pool equipment, protect you air conditioners and place a tarps/drop cloth over grass.

Either way, your roofer should demonstrate their professionalism through their explanation. If they’re willing to be careless with your other belongings, who knows how your roof will turn out?

6. Any Potential Replacement Costs?

Even after receiving an estimate, there are plenty of money questions to ask roofing professionals. After all, an estimate is just that — an estimate. Sometimes, professionals don’t find the real damage until they’re on the job.

So, before you embark on the job, ask them about any potential replacement costs. They may even need to come back a second time for more serious issues, which would also accumulate costs.

These costs are necessary for your roof’s quality, but they’re still important to understand. Do not rely on estimates for your budgeting plan. Know the costs you’ll have to pay before you commit to the service.

Get Quality Service from Quality Roofing Professionals

There aren’t many home repairs as anxiety-inducing as a damaged roof. Whether that be because of age or harsh weather, defective roofs are hefty sources of damage that can easily worsen. But knowing what to ask roofers before the actual job can ease your worries for decades to come.

At Innovative Roofing, we understand what’s at stake when it comes to roofing services. That’s why we offer premium roofing services for any property owner with a faulty roof. If that sounds like you, contact us today to get a free estimate!

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