5 Major Signs You Need a Commercial Roof Repair

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Are you the owner of commercial property and worried that your roof needs a major repair? Do you fear for the safety of your tenants and their assets due to the condition of the roof? If so, then you need to schedule an inspection.

But how can you tell when it’s time to do so? Fortunately, there are several signs you can use to tell when it’s time for a commercial roof repair. It also gives you an idea of what type of repair you’ll need.

See below for an in-depth guide on the telltale signs that your commercial roof is in desperate need of repair.

1. Your Energy Bills Have Skyrocketed

Most people don’t realize the part that their roof has to play in their property’s energy efficiency. It plays a major role in maintaining a consistent and comfortable climate for you and your tenants. 

During the cold seasons, the heat tends to rise to the ceiling. If your roof lacks proper insulation, the heat will quickly escape through the roof and into the open air, never to return. This can happen with cold air during the summer as well.

When a roof lacks insulating features, it puts more stress on your appliances. Your HVAC system will try to compensate by pushing out as much heat as possible. You or your tenants might notice that the heater never stops running. This is a sign there’s an issue.

If this trend continues, your HVAC system will go through a substantial amount of energy, thus increasing your energy bills each month dramatically. It can also cause the system to overheat, which could mean thousands of dollars in repairs.

Here’s our advice: the moment that you notice your energy bills have risen significantly, reach out to schedule a commercial roof inspection. We’ll be able to point out any issues or repairs that need to be taken care of, as well as how we plan to fix them.

2. The Roof Is Aging

You might be surprised to find out that commercial roofs can last anywhere between 10 to 40 years. The length of its tenure depends on how consistent you are with scheduling inspections, maintenance, and repairs.

Just like a car or any other investment, a roof will need more attention as it ages. Always make sure you have a firm understanding of how old your roof is, even if you weren’t the one that installed it. 

Think about it this way: your 20-year-old or the 30-year-old roof has been fighting the elements of South Florida for 2 or 3 decades. There’s going to be some wear and tear that takes place. It would be negligent to think that your roof doesn’t need a bit of maintenance every few months.

Don’t panic if your roof is getting up there in age. It may have several years left in it yet. Be sure to schedule a commercial roof inspection.

We will inspect the overall condition of your roof both inside and out, then make all of the necessary repairs to ensure a longer life for your roof. You’ll have far more peace of mind for your tenants.

3. Your Drains Aren’t Spitting Out Water

The next time it rains, be sure to take a walk outside and look at all of the downspouts on your property. Do they push out an ample amount of water?

If the downspouts aren’t pushing out an adequate amount of water compared to the amount of rain, then it means one of two things. Either your drain is clogged or your roof is puddling (or both).

Clogged drains eventually lead to puddling on the roof. When puddling begins, the quality of your roof will start to deteriorate with the weight of the water.

If left unkept, this can quickly lead to water leaks, mold growth, or even the ceiling busting and damaging everything in your tenant’s offices below. Keep a watchful eye on those downspouts, and contact a professional when they stop working efficiently.

4. You See Bubbling

Take a walk up to the roof for yourself (if it’s safe). Walk the premises and see if you notice any bubbling on the exterior of your roof. If you do, you need to contact a commercial roof repair expert right away.

Bubbling (also known as “blistering) is a telltale sign that you have humidity and moisture stuck between the different exterior and interior materials in your roof.

As you might expect, this trapped moisture can do significantly more damage over time. It can cause mold growth and water leaks if not corrected.

5. Staining on the Ceiling 

It’s advantageous to be proactive and look for signs on the exterior of your roof. If you wait until you see signs on your ceiling or walls, then the damage has already been done.

If you see water stains on your ceiling, it’s a sign that your roof has a serious leak. Your roof has been compromised and is gradually getting more and more water build up inside.

Make sure to contact a commercial roof expert right away. We will take care of the ceiling stains, as well as get rid of the water build-up, moisture, and fix the initial roof leak.

Schedule a Commercial Roof Repair and Inspection for Your Needs

Now that you have seen several major signs that you need roof repair and to schedule an inspection for your property, be sure to use it effectively.

Be sure to read this article for more information on the different types of commercial roofing material and which one might benefit you most.

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