Which Type of Roof Material Is Best for Your Home?

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We understand that getting a new roof is a big decision. Get it right, and it might be one you make once, maybe twice in a lifetime. Choose the wrong material, and it may come back to bite you very soon.

The average roof replacement cost in the US starts at $5,589 and can go up to $23,807 for tile roofs. The roof material you decide to use will have a big impact on the cost and how long the roof will last.

Let’s take a look at your options so you can find the right roof material for your home.

Asphalt Shingles

Let’s start with America’s most popular roofing material, the humble asphalt shingle. There are lots of things to love about them, starting with the fact that they are relatively inexpensive.

And these days, you have lots of options to choose from. This includes more fancy styles like hexagonal shingles and architectural shingles that mimic the look of wood shakes. Choose a high-quality asphalt shingle and a reliable roofing company, and it may last for up to thirty years.

Asphalt is derived from oil, so it’s not the most environmentally friendly material out there. But the advantage is that it is now starting to be recycled. Used asphalt shingles can be turned into pavement for roads, and this may have become more common by the time you have to replace your roof again. 

Asphalt shingles are also one of the easiest roofing options to install. Depending on the size of your roof, you could have an entire roof ripped off and replaced in a little over a week. 

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are an excellent choice in the hot and humid climate of southern Florida. They may be a traditional material, but they’ve got some serious eco-credentials. They are made from natural materials and can be completely recycled at the end of their useful life.

Clay is also extremely durable. The heat and humidity do not affect it. They’re also resistant to rain, mold, algae, and insects. They also insulate the home beneath, keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

However, they’re not for everyone. Some people may not like the distinctive appearance of a clay roof, or it may not blend well with the style of architecture of your home. Clay tiles are also one of the heavier roofing materials available, so you need a roof structure that is able to support them.

The upfront cost is also higher than many other types of roof. But here’s the payoff. It can last for over 50 years – sometimes as long as 100 years! 

If clay tiles suit your home, this could be a buy once, buy right situation.

Concrete Tiles

If you like the look of a tile roof, but clay tiles are out of your budget, concrete tiles could be a great alternative. They come in a wide array of finishes and colors, some of which mimic other types of roofing materials.

They’re also highly durable, with some concrete roofs lasting for over 100 years already! They are also highly resistant to wind and hail, which may make them a good choice if a hurricane comes your way.

Concrete tiles are designed to fit together tightly. This makes them resistant to movement and keeps water out of your home. They also provide good UV protection and are energy efficient. 

As with clay tiles, concrete roof tiles are seriously heavy. You need to check that the roof structure is strong enough to hold them up. They also absorb more water than clay tiles, adding to their weight.

Metal Roofing Materials

Metal is now becoming a popular choice for residential roofing, and for good reason. They can look incredibly stylish and distinctive and also have a number of properties that make them a great long-term choice.

Standing Seam Metal Roof

This roofing system uses metal panels, either made of steel or aluminum. The term “standing seam” refers to how the panel interlock. This produces a unique ribbed appearance which some homeowners love.

Standing seam roofs are fire-resistant and highly durable. Some have been known to last for over 50 years.

Of course, they are a more expensive option. But if you’re looking to make a statement that will last, they could be the way to go.

Metal Shingles

Metal shingles are great for people who want a metal roof but are not crazy about the appearance of a standing seam roof. They are often crafted to look like other types of roofing materials, including wooden shingles, clay tiles, or slates. 

They’re very low maintenance and fully recyclable. Some people may worry about the noise when it rains, but with good insulation, this is not usually an issue. Unlike clay and concrete roofs, they’re lightweight, making them a more versatile option.

Slate Shingles

If you’re looking for a luxury roofing material that will last, look no further than slate shingles. They can last for 150 years with good care. They’re a totally natural material made from very thin sheets of slate stone.

Many people love the appearance of a slate roof, and they can add a wow factor to a luxury property. They are fire-resistant and eco-friendly. Plus, if you tear off the roof, you can often recycle the slates for another project.

Like concrete and clay, these roofs are super heavy. Plus, they’re very usually the most expensive choice for a replacement roof.

The Best Roof Material for Your Home

Every roof material we’ve discussed has its place and is the right choice for someone. Your choice will come down to the style of your home, the local climate, and your budget.

For help making the right decision, talk to the knowledgeable team at Innovative Roofing. In our company, you always deal with an owner. We pride ourselves on honoring our word and delivering fantastic roofs that stand the test of time.

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