What Are the Benefits of Sloped Roofs for Homes?

sloped roofs

A new roof for your home is a significant investment. Research shows you could spend up to $14,000 on a new roof, so you want to make a good choice. There’s growing popularity of sloped roofs, which can expand roofing options when making your decision.

Sloped roofs provide many benefits, including cost and aesthetics. Moreover, these roofs collect less debris, and you can recycle rainwater.

Here’s more on the benefits of sloped roofs.


Over the long term, sloped roofs will cost you less. Flat roofs and pitched roofs typically contain more drainage problems. You’ll have to spend more on these types of roofs to maintain leaks from rainwater.

You’ll also save money with a sloped roof on energy costs. There’s natural ventilation between the outer and inner lawyer of these roofing styles. There will be less Florida heat trying to get inside. 

You might pay more for a sloped roof due to the installation cost and materials, but the benefits outweigh anything negative.


When designing a home, many people want to examine different roofing styles and roofing options before making their residential roofing decision. Aesthetics are a big part of that decision-making process! You can incorporate a sloped roof into many different Florida home designs. 

Some real estate experts argue that you could sell a home with a sloped roof at a higher price. 

A sloped roof is both modern and contemporary. Do you want your home to stand out on the block and become the envy of the neighborhood? A sloped roof gives your home a look worthy of a magazine. 

Less Debris

Hurricane season runs from June 1 until November 30. Each year, Florida could see named storms or tropical systems. All of these weather events have the potential to produce damaging winds and heavy rains. 

Sloped roofs as part of your home roofing system can repel debris quickly. When a storm blows through, the shape of your sloped residential roof will allow the waste to leave the roof quickly. You won’t have to spend time climbing on the roof (or calling a debris removal company) to clean the premises. 

When tree branches and leaves get into your home roofing, they can clog gutters and drainage systems. When water backs up onto your roof, it can get into your attic and cause other problems at your home. 

Additional water problems can cause the rotting of the wood in your homes and even become a breeding ground for insects. Moreover, your home’s roof will be more durable and last longer. 

A flat roof can be a nightmare with heavy rain because the water can’t leave your roof fast enough!

During a wild storm, you will quickly learn why a sloped roof is one of the best roofing options in Florida weather.

Recycle Rainwater

Have you thought about recycling rainwater for your property? You can use the water for plants and other vegetation. In addition, you can use the water to hose down driveways or sidewalks.

A sloped roof allows you to collect and put water into storage units. 

Naturally collected rainwater is better for your lawn than water than treated water that comes from a community water source. There are fewer chemicals and fewer pollutants. 

Collecting rainwater at your home is also cost-effective. The recycled rainwater is free! It also has a better impact on the environment. 

Energy Efficiency

You can save money by adding a sloped roof to your home. Because of its shape, a sloped roof adds more natural ventilation than a low-slope or flat roof. 

A roof can get as hot as 150 degrees during the summer, which could cost you more to cool your home. Much will depend on the shingles you use for your roof to make it more energy efficient. 

You can also incorporate solar panels into the roof to further reduce energy costs. Homeowners can take advantage of enormous tax benefits and sell unused energy to the power grid. Over the long term, you can get a monthly payment for the solar panels on your roof. 

Better Space

In residential roofing designs, many architects often incorporate a roof into the plan of a home. For example, some homeowners may choose to make the top floor of a house into another living space. For rental units, you can add additional bedrooms and bathrooms.

A sloped roof adds more space to the home. You no longer have to worry about people hitting their heads or if bookshelves, furniture, and beds fit. A higher-pitched roof with added skylights adds drama to the space.

Use different colors or wallpaper for added effect if you want something different. For example, white on the walls can make the space feel bigger. 

Perhaps you need extra space for storage. A sloped roof adds higher areas in your home to place things such as bicycles, lawn equipment, or holiday decorations. 

Sloped roofs also allow you to take advantage of adding built-ins to your home. Built-in shelving units and other storage areas will enable you to hide clutter, books, toys, and even clothes. Built-ins also allow you to use storage units on the lower end and the top portion as a seating area or even a daybed. 

Are you thinking about an addition to your home? You can add a sloped roof over your new kitchen or sunroom. Adding a sloped roof will give your home cathedral-style ceilings that everyone can enjoy.

Benefits of Sloped Roofs 

Benefits of sloped roofs for your home include cost, aesthetics, less debris, and the ability to recycle rainwater. Moreover, sloped roofs are energy efficient and allow for more and better usable space in your home. 

Are you ready to add a sloped roof to the design of your home? Contact us today and let us help you add this unique design to your house. We can help explain the benefits of why adding a sloped roof to your home is a sure bet!

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