Top Seven Roofing Repair Services

roofing Repair Services

The average asphalt shingle roof can last about 20 years. However, roofs will require a lot of maintenance and services to meet this lifespan. Neglect and lack of maintenance and repairs are some of the most common causes of premature roof system failure.

Whether you have a leak in your roof or if it is damaged during a storm, getting these repair services will ensure that your roof lasts longer. 

Do you want to learn about the types of roof repair services near me? Keep reading these top seven roofing repair services for everything you need to know!

1. Leak Repair and Prevention

The most common type of roof repair is leak repair and prevention. This is because leaks are easy to recognize and may require emergency roof repair services. Otherwise, you may deal with water damage, peeling paint, and more. 

If you need a roof leak repair service, you may notice some of these common signs. First, you may have missing shingles on your roof or damage to your shingles. You may also notice water spots on your ceiling or walls, which shows that water has slowly been dripping into your home. 

2. Storm Damage

Storms are another thing that can cause significant problems for your residential or commercial building. There are many common types of storms that can cause damage to your roofing system, including wind, hail, standing water, and debris. 

One common sign that you need to repair your roof after a storm is if you see that the storm caused some of your shingles or other roof materials to blow off. The storm may have also damaged your gutters and vents as well as other areas of your roof that are not visible. 

To make sure there are no serious issues after a large storm, you can get a free consultation from a handyman services roof repair. They will inspect your roof and can provide an estimate for the repair costs. 

3. Soffit and Fascia Problems

Two important components of your roof include the soffit and fascia. The soffit of your roof is the area where the overhang of your roof meets your siding. The fascia is a board that covers the end of your roof rafters.

Not only do they help your roof look more finished, but they also offer protection for your rafters from the weather and other elements. 

If your soffit and fascia are improperly installed, this can cause eave damage and potential structural damage. To prevent these problems, you can have your roofing company repair or replace your soffit. 

4. Flashing Repair

Roof flashing is a thin metal used on your roof which helps prevent water from staying in vulnerable areas of your roof, including the chimney, roof valleys, vents, and pipes. This prevents leaks and keeps water from entering through these openings. 

Because of this, damaged flashing is one of the most common reasons your roof leaks. 

Whether your flashing has small holes or areas of corrosion, these can easily be patched by your roofing company. Your roof repair company will also use caulk or another type of roofing cement to seal the seams of your roof and flashing. 

5. Problem Caused by Animals

When rodents and other pests gain access to your roof, they can cause significant damage. They can chew through your shingles to gain access to your home, which may result in roof leaks, rot, and more. 

If you have noticed scratching sounds or pitter-pattering at night, you may have rats or squirrels in your walls or attic.  

A roof repair service can help you eliminate these problems, seal the entrances to your home, and prevent any further damage from these rodents. 

6. Ponding

A serious problem for many commercial building owners or homeowners with a flat roof is known as ponding. This is what happens when water collects in puddles on your roof rather than draining. 

While the water may not seem like a big issue at first, it can cause serious issues over time. If the water does not drain or evaporate, it can lead to uneven areas in your roof or sagging. 

The next time there is a storm, more water will collect in this area, which means the ponding problem can get worse. If you do not fix this, it can cause structural issues on your roof.  By hiring a roof repair service, they can fix the low spots to repair the slope of the roof and to prevent water from pooling in the future. 

7. Curled or Damaged Shingles

Finally, a roof repair service can help with damaged shingles. Over time, you may notice that your shingles begin to crack or have turned up damage. Not only does this affect the appearance of your roof, but it can also increase the chance that your roof will leak. 

If you notice any type of visible damage to your shingles, it is vital that you call a roofing repair company to inspect your roof and to repair any damage that they find. Otherwise, you may find that it develops into a much worse problem down the road. 

Need Help With These Roofing Repair Services? 

There are many reasons why you may need a roofing repair, even if you haven’t noticed any visible issues. By understanding the common types of roof repairs, you will be prepared to get your roof replaced when you notice these signs. 

If you need help with these roofing repair services or are looking for an RV roof repair service near me, Innovative Roofing can help! Our roofing experts provide roof repairs for both commercial and residential roofs. Contact our team today to learn more about our roofing services or to schedule a repair. 

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