Raise the Roof: 5 Roof Inspection Tips for Rental Property Owners

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As global temperature rises, extreme weather conditions will bring damage across the world. Our first defense against these conditions is our house with the roof as the captain. It’s why maintaining its integrity is a must. Did you do a roof inspection to ensure it’s ready for this year’s challenging weather conditions?

If not, here are five tips to know when conducting a roof inspection.

1. Check for Symptoms of Roof Leaks

A roof inspection detects red spots that compromise your roof’s integrity. Look out for certain symptoms when doing a roof inspection. Here’s a list:

Water Leakages

If your rental property has an attic, do a thorough check-up for signs of a leaking roof. Often, water leakage is not visible from the ladder or ground. Thus, check your interiors and rafters for signs of forming mold, moisture, or rot. 

While you’re at it, check up on your drains, pipes, and other components that penetrate through the roof. When damaged, these can cause leaking ceilings. When you find a damaged roof penetration, call for professional help. 

Damaged Shingles

It’s also important to look for damaged roof shingles since they often let water seep through the house. For clay, asbestos, or slate shingles, check for any signs of cracks or chipping. For roofs made with wooden shingles or shakes, check for dry rotting signs. 

For an apartment roof made of asphalt, an easy place to check for damaged shingles is your gutter. Asphalt has granules that break apart as it ages and accumulates in that area. If you see a lot of asphalt granules, it means your roof has damaged shingles. 

Further, warped, buckled, or curled shingles caused by hot air in the attic are another thing to watch for. This misshaped shingle can let water seep in and may cause poor ventilation. 

The best solution is to replace them to avoid further damages. It’s especially if over one-third of your roof shingles are curling, buckled, or warped.

2. Look for Moss on Your Roof

Moss is like a sponge that soaks up water. When left unchecked, it causes serious damage to your roof structure. Moss spread quickly on roof surfaces as they fill the spaces between roof shingles and tiles.

Moss can also uplift roofing materials, increasing the possibility of a leaking roof. 

Check for moss invasion during the inspection. Invest in moss eradication as a preventive measure. Sweep the roof and apply moss killer alongside roof ridges and on green patches. 

Replace your old shingles with moss-resistant ones. These aren’t as expensive as you think. However, they’re effective in keeping out moss for a long time. 

This process needs roof experts to ensure proper installment. Call a commercial roof expert right away. Our team will not only replace but also take extra measures to lessen roof damage.

3. Fall: The Best Time to Schedule Roof Inspection

You might think that roof inspection is only necessary after significant weather. You’re not wrong since a thorough roof inspection is necessary. However, that shouldn’t be the only time for a roof inspection. 

A good rule of thumb is to inspect the roof at least twice a year. It ensures your roof’s integrity. It’s best to do it during fall and spring before extreme weather comes in. 

Cold temperature hinders the success of roof repairs. Also, repairing during cold weather makes the job more difficult. 

Further, certain roof repairs must start in the fall to give ample completion time. An example is the treatment of moss, algae, and lichen. The treatment process for these roof invaders is long and can sometimes last for 180 days. 

If you were to spot moss, algae, or lichen during a fall roof inspection, you’ll have time to treat it before winter. It means you can remove the dead lichen when spring comes in.

4. Inspect Roof to See If You Need Replacement

At most, you can solve leaking roofs with simple treatments. However, if your roof is 15 years old or more, roof replacement is a more cost-effective option.

You might think it’s better to pay off a few dollars for a roof repair than a large sum for new roofs. It’s true for new roofs. For old roofs, it’s not wise. 

Old roofs are prone to more repairs. In the long run, when you calculate the repair fees, they won’t differ a lot when compared to the cost of buying a new roof.

Knowing that your roof is new and sturdy is more relaxing during extreme weather conditions. Besides, roof replacement can add value to your property.

5. Consider Calling for Professionals

Most roof problems are visible, which most homeowners can spot. Meanwhile, other types of roof damages need the trained eyes of professionals. When left unsolved, the damage may need more serious repairs. 

What’s great about getting a roof inspection is the thorough roof analysis. You’ll get a detailed report on your roof’s condition. After that, they will give possible repairs to resolve possible issues. 

If roof repairs are in order, schedule the treatment with a reputable company. It ensures your roof is in good shape before the cold season comes in. Otherwise, you’ll suffer from the bitter cold because of compromised roofing.

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Your roof is your first line of defense against strong weather conditions like typhoons. The safety of your housemates depends on your roof 24 hours a day and 7 times a week. 

When neglected, your roofs can cause serious damage to your home structure. Some of these include damaged insulation, mold growth, and more. It makes periodic roof inspection a must when securing your defense line. 

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