How to Choose the Best Residential Roofing Company

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Has your roof sprung a leak? Make sure to call a residential roofing company right away. Otherwise, a tiny leak could cause major water damage.

There are now over 108,800 roofing contractors across the US, though. It helps to have a plan before you start Googling “roofing company near me.” Otherwise, you might waste valuable time vetting your options.

There’s no time to waste! Water damage can lead to mold growth, impacting your family’s health and safety. Instead, use these seven tips to find the best roof repair team in town.

With these tips, you can feel confident knowing you’ve hired the most qualified team for the job.

Start your search for a roof replacement or repair company with these tips today. 

1. Gather Referrals

Remember, Googling “roofing company near me” could leave you with a long list of businesses to choose from. Instead of wasting valuable time, turn to people you already trust. Talk to friends, family members, and neighbors in the area.

Ask if they’ve hired a roof repair company in the past few years. If they have, take the time to learn from their previous experience.

Their firsthand account could help you make a more informed decision. You might even gather information that’s not available online.

Before you speak with your inner circle, consider making a list of questions you want to ask to save time. For example, you might want to learn:

  • What problem the homeowner was experiencing
  • If the team arrived on time
  • If the roofing contractors were knowledgeable
  • How much their services costs
  • How long the process took
  • If the homeowner would hire the same company in the future

Ask each homeowner if they encountered any issues with the contractors, too. If so, ask if the roofing company did anything to remedy the problem. Take the time to find a team that cares about its customers.

If you’re unable to find referrals, that’s okay. Search “roofing company near me” and check each company’s website for reviews. Check their Yelp, BBB, and Google My Business profiles, too.

The majority of complaints mention unsatisfactory workmanship or an inability to contact the company. Some clients experienced a delay or failure to start/finish a project.

Look for a company that’s already earned the trust and respect of homeowners in the area.

Choosing a company that already has a strong reputation will give you peace of mind. 

2. Find an Established Business

It’s important to make sure you’re choosing an experienced roof repair team to work on your property. An inexperienced team, on the other hand, might do more harm than good. You might have to hire a second company to fix the damages the first one caused.

Before that can happen, learn more about each roof replacement company on your list.

Visit the company’s website and their Better Business Bureau listing. Determine when the company was established. Try to find a local business that’s withstood years of competition.

These businesses are likely doing something right. The team likely has years of hands-on roof repair experience you can count on, too.

Determine who will end up working on your roof. How long have they worked in the industry? How much roof repair experience do they have?

Make sure they have experience with your type of roof as well. 

Find a team with relevant experience before they start working on your roof.

3. Check Their Paperwork

It’s not enough to find a roof repair company with experience, though. You’ll need to make sure their paperwork is in order, too. Make sure to choose a licensed roof repair company.

Confirm that their license is up-to-date.

Roof repair contractors need two years of experience to gain a license. You can check the National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies (NASCLA) website for proof.

Make sure the company has general liability and worker’s compensation insurance, too. Their insurance policy will protect your interests in there’s an accident.

If someone is hurt or causes damages to your roof, the company won’t hold you liable.

4. Consider Their Services

If you want to find the best roofing company based on your specific needs, consider the scope of your project. Make sure the company offers the roof repair services you’re looking for. Otherwise, you might find they’re not the most qualified team for the job. 

For example, you might need a company that can repair worn or damaged shingles. Perhaps you have cracked or rusty roof flashing instead.

Maybe you need leak repair, caulking, or flashing services.

Make sure the company you choose has years of experience offering the specific services you need.

5. Ask About Their Process

If you want to find the best residential roofing company in town, make sure they’re honest and transparent. Ask the team about their work process. How will they fix your roof?

The company shouldn’t add new shingles to existing, worn shingles. This technique can add unnecessary weight to an already damaged roof. Your roof might even collapse, requiring more extensive roof repair services in the future.

Instead, make sure the company is able to walk you through the entire process. If they plan on adding shingles over existing ones, choose a different team. 

6. Check Their Portfolio

Ask each company if they can provide photos from their previous projects, too. Reviewing their portfolio can help you gauge their craftsmanship. 

Don’t forget to ask for references, too. Speaking with some of their recent clients will help you determine if they can meet high quality standards.

7. Request a Quote

Ask at least three different companies on your list for an estimate. Determine how the company calculates quotes, too. Most teams will consider labor and materials.

Ask each company if they offer a warranty as well. What if you still encounter issues? What if your roof starts leaking after the company leaves?

Otherwise, ask the company if they offer financing options.

Then, review your notes to find the best residential roofing company in town. 

Best in the Business: 7 Tips for Choosing the Best Roofing Company in Town

Finding a roofing company shouldn’t feel stressful. Instead, use these seven tips to streamline your search. With these tips, you can feel confident knowing you’re hiring the best team for the job.

Don’t wait to call for help! Choose a professional, experienced team you can count on.

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