Commercial Roof Repair vs Replacement: Which is Best?

On average, roofs require replacement every 30 years. Of course, age is only one of the factors that determine whether it’s time to replace your commercial roof or not. Sometimes, it may be necessary to replace a roof way before it’s recommended lifespan has elapsed.

Most roof problems can be effectively addressed through repair. However, the challenge is how to know whether it’s time for a roof replacement or roof repair will suffice. 

In today’s post, we discuss six top factors to look at when determining whether to repair or replace your commercial roof. Read on to learn more.

1. The Age of Your Roof

The clearest determinant of whether to replace a commercial roof is its age. Different types of roofing materials have different lifespans. If you have a steel roof on your commercial structure, consider replacing it if it’s already spent 50 years.

On the other hand, if the roof still has years left to the end of its life, then roof repair may be the best answer to any issues that crop up.

2. The Extent of Damage 

Another important determinant of whether to repair or to replace your roof is how significant the damage is. Choose a commercial roofing service expert to assess the extent of the damage and advise you on the best way forward. Generally, roofing experts look at two main areas when determining how damaged a roof is, namely:

Aesthetic Damage

Your roof makes up a large part of your commercial building. It’s one of the most visible parts of the structure, and it plays a major role in the visual appeal of your property. 

A roof that looks too old and worn is no good. If the roof has moss or algae growing on the roofing materials, it may be time to start shopping for a replacement.

Structural Damage

A roof with significant structural damage is bad news. If you notice sagging, denting, or perforation of parts of the roof, then you’re in trouble. Too much rust on metal panels and shingles is also a sign that repairs won’t be good enough.

3. The Presence of Leaks

Few roof problems are more annoying and more destructive than roof leaks. It’s one of the commonest reasons for commercial roof repair. But when the problem is persistent and widespread, then replacing the roof may be the best solution. 

The moment you spot any signs of leaking, contact a reputable roofing contractor. Not addressing the issue quickly can lead to other problems such as mold, damaged ceiling, rotting of the roof framing, and damaged insulation.

4. Building Code

Over the years, building code has changed significantly. Typically, roofing codes and regulations change to improve safety. While these changes will only affect you when your roof is due for replacement, you needn’t wait that long. If your roof has become problematic of late, it’s a smart idea to replace it in line with the latest code.

5. Cost

The cost of a new roof is among the biggest concerns for property owners when it comes to the roof vs. repair debate. Generally, repairs cost much less than replacing your roof entirely. 

That said, if you need to do repairs every few months, then the cost of repairs will eventually exceed the cost of commercial roof replacement. Talk to your roofing contractor to find out what solution is more budget-conscious. Even if you don’t have the money to replace your roof at the moment, your contractor may still be able to organize some suitable roof financing solutions for you.

6. Energy Costs

A building’s roof plays a major part in controlling the temperature inside the building. If you constantly have to run the AC because your indoors are too hot, then it may be time for a better roofing option.

You may want to consider a cool roof. Such roofs are designed to reflect more sunlight than the standard roof, keeping your indoors cooler. The roofs also absorb much less heat, which means your AC won’t overwork to keep your staff and clients comfortable.

Choosing the Right Commercial Roof Contractor

Whether you’ve decided to repair your roof or wish to replace it entirely, choosing the right professional for the job is paramount. The truth is that not all roofing contractors are equal. Here are four tips for choosing a contractor who’ll guarantee excellent service.

Ask Whether They Have a Valid Contractor License 

A contractor’s license is their most important proof of legitimacy. Are they legally permitted to operate in your area? If they are, then you can be sure they’ll do the job in accordance with the local area’s building code.

Find Out Whether They’re Insured 

Sometimes, things go wrong during a roofing project. You want to be sure that your prospective contractor is properly insured in case of injury or property damage. If they’re not, you could end up being liable for such occurrences.

Consider Location

Opt for contractors within your area. It’s essential that these contractors have a physical location near you too.

A local contractor will already be familiar with the local building codes, which is critical. It’s also easy to meet the contractor face to face should the need arise. Moreover, a nearby contractor will always be able to come to your location in case an urgent roofing problem arises.

Check Reviews and References

A roofing contractor’s reputation is one of the most critical factors you should consider. You want to work with a contractor who makes your life easier. A contractor who does not keep their word can frustrate you greatly.

Before you make a decision, check out customer reviews about the contractor. During your first meeting, ask them for a list of references you can talk to. Find out what previous customers say about the contractor.

If past customers have only good things to say about the contractor, chances are you’ll have a great experience working with them too.

Get Your Commercial Roof in the Right Shape

Every commercial roof experiences problems. These issues may or may not be age-related. Depending on the nature and extent of the problem, it’s up to you to decide whether to repair or replace it.

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