A Business Owner’s Guide to Commercial Roof Leak Repair

commercial roof leak repair

As a business owner, you know it’s important to have a property in peak condition. Your building can’t have any issues that can put your employees or customers in danger. If anyone suffers an injury on your property you may be liable. 

Owners must maintain their property as any issue can lead to an accident. This is the case with a roof leak. The last thing you want to happen is for the roof to collapse on a person.   

If there’s a commercial roof leak, you must take action. Read on to learn about commercial roof leak repair. 

Causes of Commercial Roof Leaks

Let’s start by discussing the causes of commercial roof leaks. Installation errors make up one of the causes of leaks in roofs. 

Roof installers need to make accurate cuts on the roof. Inaccurate cuts can expose the edges of the roof to weather elements. This causes the coating to wear off which over time leads to leaks. 

Another cause of commercial roof leaks are fasteners that aren’t installed properly. This may cause leaks. Sealing the roof can help to prevent leaks, but if there’s no seal, the risk for leaks increases. 

The age of the roof can contribute to leaks. Older roofs are prone to leaks. The presence of roof damage is another source of leaks. 

How to Spot Leaks in Your Commercial Roof

If you believe your commercial roof is leaking, it’s a good idea to look for the signs. The earlier you detect the signs, the better chance there’s of repairing the roof

Stains and patches on the ceilings are signs of a roof leak. They may also appear on walls. Look for discolored areas as well. 

A leaky roof can lead to the growth of mold. A foul odor can alert you to the presence of mold. As soon as you see any of these signs, it’s time to take action. 

Steps for DIY Commercial Roof Leak Repair

There are certain issues that you can fix if you’re a DIY-type of person. The first step involves inspecting the roof. Look for simple issues like missing shingles that you can repair to stop a leak. 

Next, clean the area where the leak is. Doing so can help uncover more issues like blisters. If you find blisters, you’ll need to slice them to release moisture. 

Use rags to soak up any moisture or water that seeks out. Let the area dry before making repairs. After the area dries, you can use cement to cover it up. 

The Steps of Professional Commercial Roof Leak Repair

There are issues that you may not be able to repair yourself. If you find an issue that you can’t fix, it’s best to call in the pros. 

Not all commercial roof repair companies are equal. You’ll need to find the right company that can offer an effective solution. Start by finding a reputable company. 

It’s wise to look up a company on the Internet. Read the online reviews left by clients. Use the feedback to determine if the company will meet your roofing repair needs. 

You can look up the company on the Better Business Bureau’s website. On this website, you can see if the company has any complaints filed against them. 

Next, focus on reviewing their credentials. It’s best to have peace of mind knowing that you’re hiring a quality company. 

A company that you can trust will have a proper license. You can verify their license with your state to see if it’s active. 

The company should also have insurance. In the event there are any accidents while the company is working on your roof, you’ll not be liable for it. This lets you know the company is committed to safety. 

Hiring a company with experience is ideal. A great way to confirm if a company has experience is to ask for referrals. 

Asking the Right Questions

Once you find a company that meets the above criteria, it’s time to ask questions. Ask the company what kind of materials they use. The company should be using the latest technology and best materials to repair your roof. 

A major leak can ruin a roof. If your roof is beyond repair, it’ll need to be replaced. What will happen with the debris? 

Ask how the company plans to dispose of debris. You’ll also want to know if the company will dispose of garbage. 

Ask the company to provide you with a project timeline. Discuss expectations for progress as well as deadlines. 

Getting an estimate for a roof repair is essential. It’ll help you budget if you need to do so. 

Establish payment dates. Ask if there are payment installment options available. Consider asking about their cancellation policy. 

Do you have tenants in your building? If you do, you’ll want to know if they have to vacate the building before the company goes in to repair the roof leak. 

Give Detailed Info About Your Building

It’s your responsibility to disclose certain information to the roof repair company. Give the company as many details as you can about your commercial building and the leak. The company will need this information to determine how to best repair your roof.  

Let the company know how big the roof is. This will enable the company to figure out how much equipment and materials it needs to bring in. 

Use This Guide to Learn How to Repair a Commercial Roof Leak

Do you know what to do if you have a commercial roof leak? Having a leaky roof is a business owner’s worst nightmare. You may want to try to fix the issue yourself, but it’s best to hire a commercial roof leak repair company. 

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