9 Questions To Ask When Hiring Roof Repair Services

roof repair services

There are now over 96,400 roofing contractor businesses in the US. Do you know how to pick one when you need roof repair services? Without a plan, you could hire an inexperienced team.

They could damage your roof, leading to higher roof repair costs. Instead, do your due diligence by vetting your options.

Not sure how to narrow down your choices? Read on to discover the questions you should ask during your search.

1. How Long Have You Operated?

The roofing contractor industry has increased by 3.7% annually since 2018. Each year, new businesses and inexperienced contractors offer services. In Florida alone, there are nearly 6,500 roofing businesses. 

Finding an inexperienced team will give you peace of mind. You’ll know these roofers are qualified and knowledgeable. They’ll leverage their hands-on experience in the industry to your advantage.

A newer roofing contractor, on the other hand, may make costly mistakes. They could damage your property or use low-quality materials.

Ask each company how long they’ve operated in Florida. Determine who will arrive to work on your damaged roof. Ask about their level of experience and expertise.

Make sure they have years of local work experience. For example, has the contractor survived multiple hurricane seasons in Florida? They’ll understand common damages and how to fortify your roof.

While speaking with the contractor, pay attention to how they answer your questions. If they’re unsure of themselves, keep looking.

Choose a professional who can lend their experience and expertise. Their knowledge will help you make informed decisions.

2. Are You Licensed and Insured?

Make sure each company has the proper credentials. Ask for proof that the company is licensed. Determine if they’re licensed for commercial and residential roof repairs.

If they don’t have the proper paperwork, remove them from your list of options. Avoid companies that hesitate to provide proof. There’s a chance their paperwork is outdated.

Most states require roofing contractors to have an up-to-date local license. Requirements and codes vary based on the state. If the contractor can’t comply with Florida codes, keep searching.

Determine if the company has worker’s compensation and general liability insurance. Ask for proof that both policies are active. 

Worker’s compensation will protect your interests if a contractor sustains injuries on the job. They won’t hold you responsible for their medical expenses. Instead, the roofing company will handle the situation.

General liability insurance can protect you if a contractor damages your property on the job. You won’t have to cover the cost out of pocket. 

3. Do You Use Subcontractors?

Learn more about each roofing company’s team. Do they hire employees or subcontractors? Some roofing companies exclusively rely on subcontractors.

Before anyone begins working on your roof, learn about their experience. Review their credentials. Confirm that each subcontractor has insurance. 

Ask the company if they’ll take responsibility for their team. Determine who you should hold responsible if there’s an issue. 

4. Will Remove the Damaged Roof?

Don’t trust a roofing company until you understand what they intend to do to your damaged roof. The most efficient teams already have processes in place. This will minimize mistakes and lead to faster completion times.

The contractor should first assess your existing roof. They should not pile new roof tiles onto the existing structure. This could put unnecessary weight on your roof.

The roof could collapse, leading to additional damage. Instead, the contractor should help you determine if the roof needs repairs or replacement. 

Your roof is one of the most important components of your home. Even a well-built roof will experience wear and tear over time. Everything from missing shingles to small leaks can cause bigger problems. 

Choose a roofing company that covers all types of roof damage. They should provide suggestions to help you avoid future problems. Their residential roofing services can protect your home and family long-term. 

5. How Do You Prioritize Safety?

Learning about the company’s process can help you learn more about their safety protocols. How do they intend to protect themselves and your home?

Determine if the company intends to use ladder stabilizers and standoffs. Ask how they’ll protect your gutters before making repairs.

If the company lacks safety protocols, they don’t have your best interests in mind. Search for another option before the contractor causes additional damage to your home. 

6. Do You Offer a Warranty?

Before the company begins working on your damaged roof, confirm that they offer a warranty. Ask how long the warranty lasts and what it covers.

Companies that offer warranties have their customers’ best interests in mind. If they don’t offer a warranty, you may end up hiring a different contractor to fix the problem.

7. When Can You Start?

A damaged roof requires fixing fast. Otherwise, a leak could develop, leading to mold growth and water damage. Ask each company about their availability.

Determine when they can start and how long the project will take. Choose a company that can work based on your timeline.

8. Can You Provide Reviews?

Ask each company for three references that recently requested residential roofing repairs. Ask homeowners:

  • Did the contractor arrive on time?
  • Were they professional?
  • Did they answer your questions?
  • How long did they take?
  • Were you satisfied with their work?
  • Did you experience any problems?

Most complaints involve unsatisfactory work (over 50%). Others mention responsiveness issues, delays, and poor customer service. Avoid companies with similar complaints. 

These questions will help you find a reliable company worthy of your trust. You can also check for reviews online. Check each company’s BBB, Yelp, and Google Business profiles. 

9. What’s Included in the Roof Repair Costs?

Request estimates from three local roof repair companies. Determine what’s included with each estimate (such as labor and materials).

Compare costs between these businesses. Question extreme price hikes. Review your choice’s contract before scheduling services to avoid hidden fees.

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Don’t rush to choose roof repair services. Instead, ask these nine questions to evaluate each business. Asking these questions will ensure you choose a qualified, reliable company. 

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