9 Essential Questions to Ask a Roofer

questions to ask a roofer

In America, the roofing contractor market grew by 3.8% last year. This shows there’s a greater desire for roofs to be replaced or repaired within the country. There are many benefits to a roof repair such as better maintenance, fewer leaks, and reduced damage. But there are also some important questions to ask a roofer first before they start the job. That way, you’ll know you’ve got the right company for you.

Read on for more about what to ask a roofing contractor.

1. Have You Got a Permit and Insurance?

Every roofing contractor should have a permit that covers them along with a license for insurance reasons. This is true for every state, including Florida. Without such, they can’t practice and complete the job.

General liability insurance also allows you coverage in the case where a replacement roof or repair suffers damage in the process.

2. Will My Gutters Be Covered?

Not all roofers will cover you for gutter impairment due to not completing the job safely, securely, and properly. So, if you want the full work done, you’ll need to ensure that they’ll supply damage compensation if your gutters become destroyed.

Ways they can safeguard your gutters are with the following:

  • Standoffs
  • Ladder stabilizers

3. Will You Bring Your Own Container?

Ask them: will you carry your own container? If it can’t, refuse can occur and you might turn them away from the job, which is a viable option. This is because it can lead to further deterioration.

Some examples of refuse include:

  • Plywood
  • Shingles
  • Insulation

When you’re required to provide your own container, it’s not a good sign. The company should always do it for you. 

4. Do Your Services Come With a Warranty?

Any new roof should come under warranty. Usually, this should be at least 25 years. That way, you’re well-covered should any issues occur during the roof replacement process.

If there’s no warranty, there’s no guarantee. This is the type of roofing contractor you should avoid – one that doesn’t offer one. How will you be able to afford to cover the cost of damages otherwise?

Normal repairs due to general issues considered possible and advised about should also have coverage. These should last around thirty days. This helps keep you protected should anything happen not long after the replacement or repair has begun.

5. Do You Serve Customers in My Local Area?

It’s helpful if the company provides services locally – you can get your repair or replacement done easily. This is especially the case if your roof’s defiled. Only those that are nearby your area will be able to handle the issue:

  • Fast
  • Efficiently
  • With low transit expenses

If a natural disaster occurs, such as an earthquake or hurricane, you’ll find that a local company might still be able to reach you. But if you choose one that’s out of state, they’ll likely not be able to offer you the same.

At Innovate Roofing, we’re by your side for any faults that take place and for all your roofing needs, operating out of Pompano Beach in Florida.

6. Will I Be Given a Documented Estimate of the Cost?

Written files and documents are essential so that you know how much your roof repair will cost. The same goes for a replacement. 

This covers both you, the owner of the home, and the contractor. That way, you both where you stand when it comes to finances.

If a company can’t give you a written price estimate, consider them to:

  • Be unprofessional
  • Undervalue their customers
  • Not be trustworthy

Any company like this is not worthy of your time, nor should you consider them.

7. Are Subcontractors Part of the Services You Offer?

While subcontractors don’t work specifically for the company, they can provide services in conjunction with them. Know if any will be coming out to your home for expert attention to specific parts of your roofing needs – whether it’s a repair or replacement you need.

Subcontractors can be helpful as long as you can trust and rely on them. Remember, to get in touch with them it’s done separately than through the company you’ve chosen for the work. Always ensure though that they’re insured and have a permit also.

8. Will You Repair or Layover My Roof?

It sounds simple, but you should clarify if you need a roof repair or layover. Layovers cover the part that needs repairing and then shingle it over. But it depends on your roof whether this is right for you or if you’re in need of a full repair.

Layovers do well to fix damages to fragile parts of the roof that you might not be able to see. However, they can’t always be fixed with a repair. Ask if a complete replacement is right first here though as it might be needed. In most cases, a company that offers a full replacement will be best. 

9. How Can You Guarantee Top-Class Service?

A great way to know if a company can offer a number one service is by asking for references. They should be more than happy to provide them since this showcases they are:

  • Reputable
  • Excellent
  • Trusting

In addition, referrals from family, friends, or others that have used the contractor can go a long way. Also, look online for reviews and ratings. Those with the best ones that are close by will be a fantastic option.

Get Your New Roof as We Answer Any of Your Questions to Ask a Roofer Today

A roofing contractor can offer numerous benefits from replacing to repairing and even providing you with layovers for your roof. Always ask the right roofing questions before choosing your company.

Here, we’ve answered your questions to ask a roofer. Now, you know what to look for and how to trust your roofing contractor for residential roofing services.

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