7 Signs You Need to Call a Commercial Roofing Company

The lifespan of your roof ranges somewhere between 30 years to 50 years. Company roofing may last a little longer due to its superior built-in quality. According to the latest Census, Americans paid an average of $6800 to a commercial roofing company for roof replacement.

The size of your house or business premises, the materials that your roof is made from, and how you maintain your roof determine how long it will last.

Elements such as scorching sunshine, rainwater, deep cold, and high winds cause damage to your roof. Nevertheless, your roof will not fall apart without a warning. It will deteriorate gradually over time.

If you experience or see the signs that this post will outline below, you need to call a roofing company as soon as possible. Otherwise, your roof may fail when you least expect it.

1. Sagging

If your roof has seen its better days, it loses its original shape and becomes wavy and curvy. This is usually a sign of grave roof deterioration.

A sagging roof may result from water damage. For instance, if your roof is not distributing water properly, it holds excess moisture that leads to decay.

The weakness emanating from the decaying material causes the roof to sag. Replacement of your roof’s sheathing materials is the best remedy for a sagging. However, experts from a commercial roofing company may evaluate the damage and recommend roof replacement.

2. Rising Energy Bills

When your roof deteriorates significantly, you may experience an unusual spike in energy bills. Your roof plays an integral role in regulating the temperature in your home.

When there is excess heat in your house, the roof allows it to escape. It also prevents your home from g becoming frigid during the cold season.

As your roof declines, it may no longer provide ample insulation to your home. This problem could manifest itself through high energy bills.

3. Old Roof

All structures of your commercial property are subject to wear and tear. Your roof is no exception.

If your roof is more than two decades old, it is nearing the end of its lifespan. At this juncture, it is likely to cause a wide array of problems. Signs of an aging roof include holes on its surface and cracked and torn shingles.

The challenge of an aging commercial building roof is that you fix one problem today, only for another issue to arise within a short period. This will most likely happen during the rainy season.

A roof inspection can help uncover some aging elements of your roof. If they are beyond repair, replacing your business roofing could be the only viable option.

4. Loose Roofing Materials and Leaks

Over time, roofing materials such as gutters, shingles, and sheets could become loose due to high winds and other issues.

Moreover, asphalt roofs tend to lose some of their granules over time. While this could be normal, excess loss of granules is undoubtedly a bad sign. If this is your current predicament, you need to call a commercial roofing company to intervene.

A declining roof may also exhibit leaking as a sign of damage, it is a problem that may also result from loose roofing materials. Sometimes, a quick fix will repair a minor leaking problem.

Leaking could signify a bigger problem with your roof. Besides that, finding a leak from the inside may seem easy, but doing it from the top of your roof can be extremely difficult.

Roofing experts have the know-how of finding and fixing leaks. They can identify the cause of the leak and provide effective solutions to the problem.

5. Dampness and Mildew

A damaged roof can fill your home with a strange odor. In most cases, you will take time to notice that the smell is coming from your roof. With time, signs of dampness and mildew will accompany the odor.

Dampness and the growth of mold on your roof can cause health problems. These may include itchy eyes, wheezing, breathing difficulties, and so on.

That is why you need to contact a commercial roofing company to resolve the problem promptly.

The good news is that issues of mold resulting from damage on your roof are easy to fix. Some appropriate remedies to this problem include fixing leaks and re-roofing.

6. Clogged Gutters and Drains

Roofing issues can result from problematic drains and gutter of your rental units. These problems lead to water stagnating on the roof. Such pools of water will only inflict more damage to your property.

A commercial roofing company has experts who are familiar with ponding waters on flat roofs. Such issues will come from clogged gutters and drains. Coating your property’s flat roof could be one of the methods that a roofing expert will use to eliminate this problem.

7. Cracked and Peeling Paint

Sometimes, signs of a problematic roof are not straightforward. For instance, you might start noticing that the paint on walls and ceiling is starting to peel. Moisture tends to bloat various hard materials such as concrete and wood.

Since dried paint cannot expand, cracks will start developing on the wall and ceiling surfaces. The peeling and cracking will mostly occur on the corner of your roof.

If you have noticed any form of discoloration on your walls, you should call roofing experts to evaluate the problem. Also, you could try and examine the problematic sections to ascertain if there are signs of moisture.

Work With a Commercial Roofing Company

Most people overlook roofing problems knowingly or unknowingly. However, these roofing issues could be disastrous if you fail to seek the services of a commercial roofing company in good time.

Innovate Roofing is a company that offers a wide range of services. We provide commercial and residential roofing services, which also include maintenance and repair services. Our team of professionals has the knowledge and experience to handle any roofing problems that you could be experiencing.

Contact us today for all your roofing needs, and we will be happy to provide long-lasting solutions.

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