7 Easy Ways to Prevent Roof Leaks

roof leaks

The average roof has a lifespan of 20 to 50 years, depending on the materials used. Asphalt shingles tend to last the shortest amount of time, while metal roofs tend to last longest.

During this lifetime, issues are bound to arise with your roof. One of the most common culprits? Roof leaks.

The good news is that there are steps you can take to help prevent roof leaks from happening. Or, if their unavoidable (such as those caused by intense storms), help you catch roof leaks before they cause significant structural damage.

Ready to learn how to protect your roof? Continue reading to learn seven easy ways to prevent roof leaks.

1. Schedule Regular Roof Inspections

Roof inspections should be done by a professional roofer at least once a year, but preferably twice a year. Regular inspections can help you find problems (or potential issues) before they get out of hand.

Between professional inspections, you should be periodically looking at your roof. This is especially important after storms or even heavy rainfall. If you notice something seems out of place, you can call your regular roofing company to check it out.

2. Inspect the Attic Periodically

If something is wrong with your roof, the first place you’ll notice the issue is your attic. It’s the house’s highest point, which means it’ll be the first affected by roof damage.

Roof leaks will show themselves in your attic. Look for wet spots, sagging sections, and holes in your attic roof.

3. Clean and Maintain Your Home’s Gutters

Cleaning the gutters is no homeowner’s favorite task, but it still needs to be done twice a year. The best time of the year to clean your gutters is in the spring and the fall. If you really hate doing it, you can always hire a professional gutter cleaning company to do it for you.

But why is cleaning your gutters so crucial in your quest to prevent rook leaks?

Your home’s gutters are responsible for draining any water that accumulates on your roof. It takes the water and directs it away from your home’s foundation.

In terms of preventing roof leaks, clogged gutters can cause water to pool. In worst-case scenarios, water can even be pushed beneath your shingles. This leads to significant water damage.

4. Trim the Trees Around Your Roof

If you have trees overhanging your roof or located close to your home, they pose significant risks to your roof. The most apparent issue happens if the tree or its branches ever fall on your roof. The damage can range from minor shingle damage to gaping holes in your roof.

Overhanging trees pose a secondary (and less realized) risk. These trees can drop small debris onto your roof and into your gutter system.

We already learned why clogged gutters are a disaster, but the debris left sitting on your roof poses problems, too. Left alone, debris can attract bugs and wildlife to your roof. They’ll build nests on, around, or inside of your roof.

Another problem is when this debris is left sitting, it can cause damp spots beneath it. Over time, these wet spots become a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Decay compromises your roof’s stability and eventually leads to significant leaks.

5. Avoid Power Washing Your Roof

Many homeowners power wash their home’s siding. Many believe this is an excellent way to clean their roof, too. Unfortunately, this is a misconception that can cause a lot of damage.

Too much pressure can cause your shingles to break or come loose. Once the shingles are damaged, damage to everything beneath them is more likely to occur.

6. Use Professionals, Not Handymen

While handyman services are excellent for jobs around the house, you don’t want to hire them to work on your roof. Since the roof is such an integral part of your home, you only want trained professionals to work on it.

If something goes wrong during the roof repair process, you leave your home wide open to water damage, wildlife, and bug infestations. Hiring a professional the first time around ensures your home (and family) stay safe.

7. Repair Problems as Soon as You Notice Them

If you notice an issue with your roof, don’t wait to fix it. Every minute counts when avoiding further damage.

Water damage, for example, is one of the biggest problems associated with roof leaks and problems. Water damage can quickly go from an inconvenience to a disaster if left unchecked. With the right weather conditions, even a few days can significantly increase the issue.

The Importance of Working With One Roofing Company

Many homeowners choose a different company for each new project, but it’s essential to find a roofing company you like and stick with them. Having a regular roofer will help you prevent roof leaks and stick to your inspection schedule.

Working with a regular roofer means they’ll also spot things a one-time contractor wouldn’t. They’ll be more familiar with your roof and are more likely to spot new issues.

When an emergency occurs, having a regular roofing company also means reliable, fast service when you need it most. Make sure you save the phone number of your chosen roofing contractor on your phone, so it’s readily available when you need it.

Do You Have More Questions About Preventing Roof Leaks?

Using the seven tips above, you can help prevent roof leaks in your home. Remember, prevention is always easier than fixing a problem once it occurs.

Do you have more questions about preventing roof leaks? Or would you like to schedule an inspection of your roof?

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