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Roofing Contractor Boca RatonAre you looking for the right roofing contractor Boca Raton? Turn to the experts at Innovative Roofing for a complete range of roofing services, from repairs and maintenance to new roof installations and beyond. If you're ready to install a new roof, then you'll be faced with lots of different considerations in addition to the obvious consideration of aesthetic appearance. Remember to think about the following points to ensure you select the right roof for your home or business! The first consideration is price, but you'll want to consider not only the up-front cost of the roofing materials, but also installation and long term ownership costs. Asphalt shingles are the most cost effective up-front, but over time it's the most expensive type of roof to own. Conversely, metal roofing systems are more expensive up front but many carry a lifetime guarantee making metal roofs the most affordable in the long term. Color is a huge consideration in Florida, as the color can have a dramatic impact on your home's cooling bills. A dark colored roof will attract the sun's rays resulting in a hotter roof, attic and home, whereas a light colored roof reflects the sun, making these roofs more energy efficient. Overall energy efficiency is a very important consideration in sunny Florida. Spending a bit more on a more energy efficient roofing system is wise as it results in significant savings over time. Some roofing systems may even qualify you for an energy efficiency tax rebate! Consider the weight of the roof. Ceramic tile and slate roofs are heavy and many homes require added structural bracing to allow for this type of roof to be installed so there may be an added expense in this regard.

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The experts at Innovative Roofing stand behind every project with confidence, offering a guarantee on all of our projects. We're also fully bonded, licensed and insured, providing our clients with added peace of mind.

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If you need help with your roof, call south Florida's top roofing contractor. Boca Raton natives are invited to call Innovative Roofing to schedule a no obligation consultation and price quote. Just call 855-455-7663. Visit our website for more info about roofing contractor Boca Raton.
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