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Roofing Company Coral SpringsAre you seeking a top roofing company Coral Springs Florida? Property owners turn to the professional team at Innovative Roofing, as we're experts in roof repairs, maintenance and new roof installations. The summer months bring daily thunderstorms to Florida, in addition to the possibility of tropical storms and even hurricanes. But if your roof is damaged, this rainy weather can spell disaster for your home! A small roof leak can rapidly turn into a major problem for your home, especially during the humid summer months which provide the perfect conditions for mold growth. Black mold has been known to completely destroy homes, necessitating a complete gutting to eradicate the deadly mold spores. Loose shingles, damaged roofing tiles and other roof damage can rapidly degrade during the summer weather as a result of the often-torrential downpours, combined with strong winds. In fact, roofing tiles can cause serious property damage as once one dislodges, it becomes a wind-propelled projectile that can damage other roofing tiles or other areas of your home. A damaged roof can also spell disaster if a tropical storm or hurricane blows through the region. Damaged roofing materials can rip off in high winds, resulting in a chain reaction where one shingle or tile causes other undamaged tiles/shingles to rip off as well. It's wise to have your home's roof inspected before the summer rains arrive to ensure your roof is in tip top shape!

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Innovative Roofing is fully bonded, licensed and insured. We also stand behind our workmanship with confidence so you can be confident in our work too!

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