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Roofer Weston FLAre you seeking a reputable roofer Weston FL? Homeowners can trust the expert team at Innovative Roofing, as we provide a complete range of affordable, high quality roofing services to residential and commercial clients across south Florida.

In addition to backing every project with a guarantee on our work, our company is state certified and fully insured to provide our clients with protection and peace of mind.

Florida is home to some very wet, hot, humid weather which creates conditions that are perfect for mold growth. In fact, black mold has destroyed entire homes, while sickening — even killing — Florida natives. Your attic is one of the most vulnerable spots when it comes to leaks, so it’s important to know the signs of a roof leak.

Signs of a leaky roof include:

  • a damp, musty smell, especially in your attic;
  • wet or damp insulation;
  • mold formation or deterioration of wood roof components; and
  • water spots on drywall, plaster and ceilings.

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Mold can literally form in a matter of hours in the hot, humid Florida weather. So if you discover any of these signs, you’ll need to immediately contact a roofer! Weston, FL property owners can turn to Innovative Roofing for prompt repairs of your roof leak.

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