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Roofer Parkland FLIf you’re on the hunt for a certified, professional roofer Parkland FL, homeowners can turn to the professional team at Innovative Roofing. We offer a full range of affordable roofing services for residential and commercial clients.

As a state certified and fully insured company, we deliver top quality services along with full peace of mind! We also stand behind each project with total confidence so you can too!

Florida natives need to consider lots of different factors when choosing a new roof, but in the intense heat of the south, energy efficiency is a very important consideration as an inefficient roof can bleed energy in a very big way!

Points To Consider Before Hiring Roofer Parkland FL

So before you hire a roofer, Parkland, FL homeowners should consider a few different points when choosing a new type of roofing.

  • Color isn’t just an aesthetic consideration! Get a dark colored roof and your HVAC system will need to work a lot harder to keep your home cool. So while that dark roofing may look great, consider how practical it will be when it comes to energy efficiency.
  • Consider the material. Certain materials are better insulators than others. Tile roofs are actually great in terms of insulation, whereas asphalt shingle roofs are less adept at insulation.
  • If you can’t afford a super energy efficient roofing material, consider adding insulation to the attics and crawlspaces to prevent the heat from penetrating down and into the living area. This is an affordable option for decreasing the amount of heat that enters your home.

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